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Our priority at HOPE Therapy is to ensure that your child is successful in his/her daily functioning and activity engagement. Regardless of your child’s diagnosis or lack of diagnosis, an evaluation should be considered if you have any concerns about your child’s ability to function in any of the following developmental areas:

  • Motor skills (gross, fine, oral-motor or ocular-motor)

  • Learning/Cognitive skills (reading, comprehension, math, writing, organization)

  • Communication skills (understanding, responding, and expressing self)

  • Psychosocial-emotional skills (attention, interactions, behavior, self-control, socialization)

Occupational therapy evaluations are conducted either in the clients’ home or on-site at HOPE Farm and include a complete occupational profile, medical and therapy history, relevant standardized assessments, followed by the synthesis of data and development of a therapy plan of care in collaboration with the client, family, and other healthcare providers as necessary.

Consultations regarding integration of therapy care plans, home programs, parent education, academic support for home education curriculum planning, and additional scholastic integrations are offered as needed.

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