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What We Offer

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Occupational Therapy

Nature-based Occupational Therapy takes the therapy experience outdoors, where growth and change in abilities flourish! Nature environments offer a natural setting to work on developmental skills and abilities. Children tap into their curiosity and are motivated for exploration and learning when playing with natural elements like water, dirt, rocks, sand, or spending time in environments that include plants and animals. Horses, raised bed gardens, and nature experiences at HOPE Farm offer a wealth of opportunities for growth and healing of the mind, body and spirit.


Equine Assisted Learning

Hippotherapy treatment strategies delivered by experienced clinicians within a therapy plan of care can have remarkable positive effects on individual’s posture, muscle tone, and balance. The multi-sensory nature environment coupled with the guided gentle and rhythmic movement experienced while on the horse can strengthen the client's muscles used for walking, improve trunk control, core strength, motor planning, sensory processing, and respiratory function for speech production. 

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Aquatic Therapy 
Water Safety

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Drawing upon the natural properties of water to support balance, muscle strengthening, building endurance and promoting overall function as well as leisure participation, aquatic interventions create a motivating environment for individuals of all ages. An emphasis on the promotion of water safety for beginner through advanced aquatic skills training sessions and Learn-to-Swim programming for individuals ages two through adult occur in our heated outdoor pool April through October. *Fall/Winter sessions available indoors through our partnership with Aquatic Performance Training in Lawrenceville NJ.

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